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Knobs will be knobs


Quote of the fucking day.

Knob: <loudly, in panic> Urgent! Is the tech guy in? This is urgent!

Some other knob: No, why?

Knob: O-M-G!!! I need him! It’s urgent. I have a voice mail and I don’t know how to check it!!!!! I really need to check it!!!!!



This late 20’s-something-or-other has been here for at least 6 months, maybe longer, who even knows.

This is a human person, who grew up in an age of technology, who can’t figure out how to check her voice mail and/or use a telephone thingy-doo-dad.

And once realizing that part, can’t ‘ask the internet‘ how to do it?

Or you know, check that user manual that collects dust in her desk?

Instead, she will let it sit there?


Are you telling me that in over 6 months as communications advisor, she has never had a message?


In communications?!



In real life??

Just how is this even possible? Just how?

It’s not like she’s being asked to extract zip files, or copy a video file from one folder to your desktop. Those things are challenging, you know?


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Hey! Do you know what’s great about speaker phone? Nothing. That’s what.

Here’s some fucking wisdom for you (#12).

I’ve said this a hundred times, and I’ll say it again.

To the Teeth Sucker that sits in the neighbouring cubicle:

Holy shit! Check this out!

If you actually pick up the phone cradle and/or wear some type of ear bud device when you listen to your voicemails, it’s entirely possible that you will understand your message the first time around and not have to continuously repeat…. and then proceed to debrief those in ear shot as to whether or not you fully understood the message you played 16 times.

I know. Technology these days, right? What will they think of next?