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Reading: The underrated art.

Here’s some fucking wisdom for you.

McHuh: Ummmm so-like okokokokok? I want this thing translated?  But I want it done by the same person?  That translated that subject matter last time?

Me: Mkay.

McHuh: Soooo. I have no idea who did it? I mean, how to even find out? But I found this document with all of these questions and comments to you?  From the last time, from like, a translator? I think? I have no way to tell?



McHuh: So can you look at that document and tell me if you can tell from it? Because I can not tell? There is no possible way I can tell?  Do you think it’s this person? Or the other-like? Mchelp? Maybe you could like tell? From their writing style?


Me: <opens document>




The vague police called, they want their comments back


Quote of the fucking day.

McHuh: Ummm sooo-like. Here is my very detailed and specific feedback that took me a month to put together. Let me know if it makes sense, mkay? I put a lot of thought into this, mkay?

Don’t use CAPS

My response:  In the title? On the screen? For the video segments? In the reference sheet? In the words at the start of the sentence? In life?

I haven’t used ALL-CAPS once in this 40 slide module or in the reference guide, if that’s what you’re referring to. Be specific and identify the ‘CAPS’ you speak of, please.


Ensure the questions in the reference sheet match the online questions exact wording

Read: Somewhere in these 40 slides and/or 10 page reference guide, there is a typo. I think? Anyways, you should, like, check or something? Right? Does that make sense?  I identified it earlier but now I think I forget? Because I didn’t write it down? Can you remind me? You know, like, where I think it might have been? I think it’s like, between page 1 and 40? Does that help? Maybe ask the interwebs?

My response:


I’m not seeing an option to unzip.

Quote of the fucking day.

McHuh: Ummmm sooooo-like.  I can’t get the file to play in any of my browsers. Mchelp.

Me: Did you extract the files? You know, unzip the zipped folder?


images (13)

Me: <receives email, 4+ hours later>

Email reads:

“I’m not seeing an option to unzip. I just can’t figure this out. Please come to my desk and do it for me.”


McHuh: Mkay, soooo here is the file.

Me: Select the file, right click, extract files. Done.

McHuh: OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So? Do I like, have the file now?

Me: Define ‘have’.

McHuh: You know, liiiiike… I don’t have to download it again.


get-the-fuck-out bob