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Reading: The underrated art.

Here’s some fucking wisdom for you.

McHuh: Ummmm so-like okokokokok? I want this thing translated?  But I want it done by the same person?  That translated that subject matter last time?

Me: Mkay.

McHuh: Soooo. I have no idea who did it? I mean, how to even find out? But I found this document with all of these questions and comments to you?  From the last time, from like, a translator? I think? I have no way to tell?



McHuh: So can you look at that document and tell me if you can tell from it? Because I can not tell? There is no possible way I can tell?  Do you think it’s this person? Or the other-like? Mchelp? Maybe you could like tell? From their writing style?


Me: <opens document>




Fuck you very much

Factual Fact/Here’s some fucking wisdom for you.

If my instructions to download/access/view/use a product work for everyone except for you, then you are in fact the problem – not me. It is not a ‘programming’ problem or a ‘design’ problem.


It is a problem of:

a) You have no fucking clue how to use a computer.

b) You have no fucking clue how to read an email.

c) You have no fucking clue how to follow instructions.

Fuck you very much!