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Reading: The underrated art.

Here’s some fucking wisdom for you.

McHuh: Ummmm so-like okokokokok? I want this thing translated?  But I want it done by the same person?  That translated that subject matter last time?

Me: Mkay.

McHuh: Soooo. I have no idea who did it? I mean, how to even find out? But I found this document with all of these questions and comments to you?  From the last time, from like, a translator? I think? I have no way to tell?



McHuh: So can you look at that document and tell me if you can tell from it? Because I can not tell? There is no possible way I can tell?  Do you think it’s this person? Or the other-like? Mchelp? Maybe you could like tell? From their writing style?


Me: <opens document>




I’m a unitard


Quote of the fucking day.

McHuh: Where do you keep our team meeting documents?




Some background:

After McHuh being here for seven months (Yep, count them with me… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 months. MONTHS! Months, people.),  that is pretty much the equivalent of asking which button to press to go ‘up’ on the elevator, or how to copy a file. Oh, right. That’s been established.

Here are three easy steps to guide you to find your team’s folder (also know as – the area of your computer that you should be spending 95% of your time in, considering this is your staff and all).



Click on ‘Computer’. This opens a window that contains all accessible directories and folders on your computer. I know, right?

2. Within the directory of which is labelled by the department you belong to, double click on the folder that is titled after your team name (see, because that’s your team. Clever, huh?)



Holy fucking shit, dude! There is totally like a folder called ‘Team Meetings’ in my team folder, where all other team related staff info type files, like, exist?