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Reading: The underrated art.

Here’s some fucking wisdom for you.

McHuh: Ummmm so-like okokokokok? I want this thing translated?  But I want it done by the same person?  That translated that subject matter last time?

Me: Mkay.

McHuh: Soooo. I have no idea who did it? I mean, how to even find out? But I found this document with all of these questions and comments to you?  From the last time, from like, a translator? I think? I have no way to tell?



McHuh: So can you look at that document and tell me if you can tell from it? Because I can not tell? There is no possible way I can tell?  Do you think it’s this person? Or the other-like? Mchelp? Maybe you could like tell? From their writing style?


Me: <opens document>




An open letter

Dear man gorilla elephant unidentified zoo animal that lives above me,

Hey! How’s it going? Oh, never mind. I know how it’s going.

I hear all of the things.

As much as I’d love to list all of the many things that grind my gears about you (like the fact that I can hear your cell phone vibrate on your coffee table, or that you wear cement blocks for shoes), I won’t.

I’m fully aware that paper thin structure of this building built in the 50’s let’s me hear everything regarding every aspect of your life.

There is one thing that has me concerned baffled creeped the fuck out.

Your washroom sounds.

Those deep, loud, animal moans.

I can’t bear to think of what you’re actually doing, but I imagine it’s something like this:

Seriously, man.

You’re creeping me the fuck out.

Just stop, dude.






Spot on, I say.

This is golden:

I really felt the video was pretty bang-on after receiving this email yesterday:


To which I responded/forwarded to a collegue:



Which obviously led to this exchange:


New Picture (12)tumblr_mezmdzJRJn1qc41a4o1_500

P is for Patronizing

<Last week>



McHuh: Ummmm-like, I feel like maybe you’re frustrated.




McHuh: Wellll, let’s like, have a meeting about your feelings.





<the next day>

McHuh: So like, are you like, frustrated-like?

Me: Bingo!

McHuh: So like, yesterday, one of the things you said was that you tell me things and you don’t know where they go. And then you made crazy bird hands. Why?

Me: You mean this?

tumblr_mn4tgjFk0g1r7hx1ao1_400In response to you asking me why I don’t ‘tell you things’, what I said was, “I tell you things all of the time. You furiously write them down. I’m not sure where it goes after that.”

McHuh: I don’t understand what you mean.

Me: I know.


McHuh: Mkay-like, sooo.. also, I really want you to take the lead on such and such.

Me: I take as much as a lead as you let me.

McHuh: I don’t understand what you mean.

Me: You give me the impression I have the ‘lead’ and then breathe over my shoulder, tell my how I should be doing a job that you have no experience in, and then make me change everything to what you want, even if it goes against best practice, with no respect for my timelines or the work effort involved.



<today’s example>

Me: I’m going meet with so and so artist tomorrow to discuss this, this, and this. I need this, this, and this from you.

McHuh: Zomg! I can’t be there to hover over your shoulder so I can see every little thing you’re doing?! In that case, here is what I want you to say word for word.

Make sure you say all of the things.


Make sure you do this, this and this. Make sure you also do this, this and this. Oh and make sure you say this, this, and this. Oh and this. Wait… like, say this too. Mkay, also say this, this and this.

  • Wait, let me send you a bulleted list
  • of exactly what
  • you are to say and do.
  • After you read
  • that bulleted list,
  • I want to meet
  • with you
  • so you can
  • repeat
  • the bulleted
  • list back
  • to me.

Me:  I wasn’t born yesterday, nor am I five fucking years old. Is this your idea of letting me take the lead?  I can handle it, thanks.




  • Soo-like?
  • What are
  • you going to say tomorrow?
  • Do you need
  • me
  • to help you
  • remember?
  • Can you repeat
  • the list back to me?



Knobs will be knobs


Quote of the fucking day.

Knob: <loudly, in panic> Urgent! Is the tech guy in? This is urgent!

Some other knob: No, why?

Knob: O-M-G!!! I need him! It’s urgent. I have a voice mail and I don’t know how to check it!!!!! I really need to check it!!!!!



This late 20’s-something-or-other has been here for at least 6 months, maybe longer, who even knows.

This is a human person, who grew up in an age of technology, who can’t figure out how to check her voice mail and/or use a telephone thingy-doo-dad.

And once realizing that part, can’t ‘ask the internet‘ how to do it?

Or you know, check that user manual that collects dust in her desk?

Instead, she will let it sit there?


Are you telling me that in over 6 months as communications advisor, she has never had a message?


In communications?!



In real life??

Just how is this even possible? Just how?

It’s not like she’s being asked to extract zip files, or copy a video file from one folder to your desktop. Those things are challenging, you know?


seriouslyanderson-judging-you1.gif.pagespeed.ce.KUconoAbHftumblr_m0phtiFpPU1rqfhi2o1_500 (1)