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The internet, it tells me things.

McHuh: Ummm soo, great presentation. It was, you know, good-like.

Me: Thanks.

McHuh: So like,  great music choice! How did you know those songs?!

Me: From life?

<This is the list of songs: Lovely day – Bill Withers, Praise You – Fat Boy Slim, We are the Champions – Queen, Thank You – Sly and the Family Stone>

McHuh: Oh so did you know them? Or did you, like, ask the internet?

Me: ?

  download (10)

McHuh: You know, like, did the internet tell you which songs to use?

Me: Are you trying to ask me if I googled the songs?


McHuh: Ya like, did you ask the internet? Did it tell you what to pick?

Me: In this case, no. I just thought of the songs I wanted and used them. I already had them.

McHuh: OH! You had the songs?!  You should really write that down.

Me: Write what down?

McHuh: The songs?? So you, like, remember.

Me: So I remember what?

McHuh: The songs???

Me: I remember which songs I used. I made the thing.


McHuh: Okayokayokay, but you should write them down in case someone wants to use them at, like, a celebration or a party.

Me: Are you trying to ask me to give you the list of songs?

McHuh: Well just in case you want to remember.




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I have many thoughts that I can't say in my outside voice. Enter, this blog. Its goal is to stop me from imploding and whatnot. So far, so good.

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