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I’m not seeing an option to unzip.

Quote of the fucking day.

McHuh: Ummmm sooooo-like.  I can’t get the file to play in any of my browsers. Mchelp.

Me: Did you extract the files? You know, unzip the zipped folder?


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Me: <receives email, 4+ hours later>

Email reads:

“I’m not seeing an option to unzip. I just can’t figure this out. Please come to my desk and do it for me.”


McHuh: Mkay, soooo here is the file.

Me: Select the file, right click, extract files. Done.

McHuh: OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So? Do I like, have the file now?

Me: Define ‘have’.

McHuh: You know, liiiiike… I don’t have to download it again.


get-the-fuck-out bob


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I have many thoughts that I can't say in my outside voice. Enter, this blog. Its goal is to stop me from imploding and whatnot. So far, so good.

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